Best poker sites in India

Is there poker in India? Is it popular there? Undoubtedly, yes. Although little is written about poker in this wonderland, there is a large community of poker players who are truly in love with the game. In addition, poker is legal in India, online and offline. To help all players find the optimal platform for a safe, comfortable and exciting game of poker for real money, we have made reviews of legal best poker sites in India.

Best poker sites in India



Top poker sites in india: how we rate poker rooms

All poker sites described on website are honest, reliable and safe platforms for playing poker online in India. We do not publish reviews of little-known online poker rooms with a dubious reputation. However, top poker sites in India differ from each other in terms of the variety of games, the number of players, the playing field, the speed of payments, the convenience of the software and other indicators.

In our ranking above, all poker rooms is rated according to the following criteria:

  • Rakeback and bonuses – the profitability and availability of the bonus program for the players of this poker site.
  • Games and limits – the variety of all kinds of poker games, the range of limits and the number of players.
  • Playing field – the ratio between the total number of weak players and regulars (the higher the number, the weaker the playing field).
  • Reliability – the safety of tthe poker room, in terms of the absence of unreasonable blocking of user accounts and delays in the payment of winnings.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds – the convenience of the methods of depositing and withdrawing from the account for players from India, as well as the speed of the cashout.
  • Support service – the efficiency and competence of the poker site support in solving any user questions.
  • Convenience of the software – the clarity of the interface, the speed of interaction with it and the presence of additional functions when playing at the table.

The best best poker sites in India in our rating have ratings over 4.5 points, and the average – at the level of 4 to 4.4 points. There are no frankly bad poker rooms with many flaws.

Bonuses and freerolls

Bonuses and freerolls are an integral part of the online poker in India or anythere else, which makes it as profitable and attractive as possible for players. In the review of each poker room, we pay special attention to its bonus program and special promotions, describing their essence and availability for users.

If you write briefly about bonuses in modern poker rooms, then most often you can find such gifts there:

Type of bonus Suitabke for
First deposit bonuses in the form of real money or subsequent rakeback Suitable for beginners
No deposit bonuses for registration Suitable for lifting from “0”
Loyalty program that allows you to receive a certain percentage of rakeback Suitable for experienced players
Birthday gifts and gifts for inviting new players Suitable for everyone
Free tickets to freerolls, tournaments and satellites Suitable for lifting from “0”

Mobile versions

Most, and especially the best online poker sites in India have mobile versions for iOS and Android platforms. The reviews detail the interface and functionality of applications, the advantages and disadvantages of using them. Screenshots, system requirements, instructions for downloading, installing and configuring are given.

online poker IndiaHow to start to play poker online in India

For each room presented on the site, you have all the necessary information to start the game. The procedure and information for going through the registration procedure, documents and terms of account verification. Separately, the methods of deposit and withdrawal of funds and a lot of other useful information like deposit and withdrawal limits, terms, commissions, etc.

A bit of history: poker legalization in India

Until recently, it was only allowed to play on such liners that sailed along the country’s major rivers. There were only 3 places (states) in India where gambling was legal. These are Goa, Sikkim and Daman.

Most of the poker lovers gathered in secret in small groups, fearing to play in front of the clubs. That all changed in 2014, after Bangalore police raided local gambling clubs. As a result of the raid, more than 50 people were arrested and about 10 establishments were closed. All of those arrested were charged with organizing illegal poker games and faced heavy fines or imprisonment.

Then, in order to release them, the lawyers had to prove in court that poker is not a game of chance, but a “game of skill”. And they succeeded. Since then poker is legal in India.

Today there are separate poker clubs in Bangalore and Kolkata. In the northeastern part of India, in the city of Gangtok (Sekkim state), there are few poker clubs operating. Not to mention Goa, which is considered the local Vegas. This state of India is the most developed in the gambling industry with the largest number of gambling operators. There are more than 10 land-based casinos in Goa, and all of them are located within the resort areas. In addition to land-based, there are several floating casinos running in Goa. All of these courts are very popular with players looking to play live blackjack, craps, roulette and of course poker.

Poker tournaments in the country are also worth highlighting. Various series are constantly taking place in India. The India Poker Championship is the largest and most popular poker event for players. The IPC takes place aboard Goa offshore casinos and usually lasts 4-5 days. Tournament buy-ins are usually 5,000 to 30,000 rupees. The main tournament takes place every January and the winner is considered the Indian Champion of Poker.

As we mentioned above, online poker is legal in India as well.

Best poker sites in India: conclusion

Choosing any poker room from our rating of best poker sites in India above, you are guaranteed to get a safe and exciting poker game on favorable terms, and you can also be sure of receiving your winnings.