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This team sport is the second most popular after football in terms of the number of fans. This is due to the fact that cricket originated in England and spread throughout all its dominions in the 19th century. Today it is especially common in the UK, South Africa, India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand and other countries of the British Commonwealth. As you can see from the geography, betters can bet on cricket all year round, because there is always a match somewhere. Here we will talk about cricket gambling sites, how to bet on cricket online, rules and strategies of the game and about live cricket betting. Below is the list of cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees that have proven to have good reputation over the years.

Cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees

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Cricket rules

Team competitions, 11 players take part in each team. The matches are very long, test competitions last up to 5 days or more. First of all, for cricket betting it is necessary not only to know its rules, but also it is desirable to be an expert in this sport. The set of rules is very diverse and complex, which are recommended to be mastered to bet on cricket online successfuly.

In this article, it is not possible to give all the rules, we note the main points:

  • Competitions outwardly resemble baseball or even rounders, but with a lot of conditions and requirements.
  • Competitions are held on an oval field, the boundaries of which are clearly marked.
  • In the middle of the field is a rectangular main playing area measuring 22 yards by 10 feet, which is roughly 20 X 3 meters. This rectangle is called the pitch.
  • The most important pieces on the field are the server (bowler) and batter (batsman).
  • The task of the latter is to hit the served ball as far as possible, even outside the field.
  • The pitch is divided into stripes called crises. From a bowling crisis, the player (bowler) serves (no higher than the waist of the receiver). In addition, there are return, popping and betting crises.
  • One side is serving (field), the other is attacking.
  • After hitting the ball with a flat bat, the batsman must run between two points, for which the team is awarded points (wounds).
  • The field team has 11 players on the field, the attacker has only 2 batsmen at the edges of the pitch. Batsmen change for others upon retirement due to unsuccessful attempts to go out.
  • In bowling crises, two wickets are built in the pitch from three vertical posts and two horizontal bars. The task of the batsmen is to prevent the destruction of these structures with a ball thrown by the enemy.
  • Kicking the ball out of bounds brings the team 4 wounds at once, if the field was touched. If the ball flew right through, then 6 points are awarded.

Each game is called an “innings”, during which 10 batsmen must change, then the sides change places. 6 innings are called overs.

There are currently three types of game that affect cricket betting:

  • Test games, where the duration is determined by time, not overs, they can last 5-6 days;
  • One-day games last more than six hours, contain 40-50 overs;
  • T20 is a relatively short-lived form of play consisting of two innings or 20 overs.

Best cricket betting sites in Indian RuppesMain types of cricket bets

The main types of bets in cricket, the most popular among betters:

  1. On the outcome of the meeting. In competitions of the test level, sometimes there is a draw, here you can use the strategy of “bet on a draw” in cricket with a flat, but since the fights last for a long time, the win will not come soon. It’s easier to just bet on the outcome of the meeting, especially in live mode. One-day matches and T20s do not include draws, which makes the selection easier.
  2. Double chance. Variation of the cricket bet on the outcome, but with a lower odds. The bets are P1X, P2X, P1P2.
  3. For a handicap, that is, what handicap in points one of the teams will not lose to the other or will win. When strong and equal opponents meet, a zero handicap is popular.
  4. Totals. The number of runs for a certain period of time or after a certain number of overs – 10, 20, 30 – is usually placed here. You can bet on the total for a specific player.
  5. Player statistics. The market in this position is extremely diverse for test matches lasting several days. This type of cricket bet is more likely designed for professional fans of this sport who know a lot of information about the players.
  6. Statistics of matches. During the live period, the list can reach tens and hundreds of events – 6-point strikes, the number and methods of broken wickets, run-outs, and so on.
  7. On the first innings. One of the most popular cricket bets. First, the attacking team has an advantage here, like a tennis player. Secondly, there is no need to wait a long time for the result of the bet.
  8. The best bowler, batsman, the most effective partnership between a pair of players.
  9. To draw for the selection of the attacking team. Almost no analysis is needed here, just luck.

Separately, it should be noted the value bets in cricket, which are often used in this sport. Their feature is discussed in more detail below. Best cricket betting sites offer all those types of bets.

Strategies that work for cricket betting: sportsbet cricket

In this team game, there is usually no clear favorite or underdog like in football or hockey. Therefore, the bet against the favorite is very popular. For example, a relatively weak New Zealand team can defeat a strong India, which is far from uncommon between fights of opponents of different levels.

The main strategies used in cricket betting are:

  1. Valuable rates. This betting model is the most popular and convenient. It is used in cases where the bookmaker underestimates or overestimates the capabilities of one of the teams or individual players. This manifests itself in higher odds per event than in the real scenario. This happens quite often. This is due, firstly, to a small number of cricket specialists in Russian and European bookmakers, which is due to the complexity of the rules of the game itself and a small analysis of opponents. Secondly, in the Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) there are hundreds of millions of cricket fans who bet more out of sympathy for their team, and not on common sense to win money. This leads to a skew in the odds, which can be used by Russian betters.
  2. Fork cricket betting strategy. This technique allows you to win with 100% probability, and the rich list allows you to find surebets for the same event at different bookmakers. It takes a very long time to manually search for such gaps, so some people use special software.
  3. Ladder strategy. Mostly used for an event that ends in a few hours, such as one innings.
  4. Dogon. This game uses good odds, so you can at least double your cricket bet on one event or team. Moreover, as already noted, there are no obvious favorites here, so the strategy often works.

In general, other than the first two strategies, others are less effective. Another advice from professional betters is to place only live bets in cricket, when the results of the draw are known and the development of the live game can be seen.

Recommendations from professional online cricket bookie bettors

Professional cricket betters distinguish the following main factors that fundamentally affect the betting:

  1. The results of the draw, which is carried out with a coin. That is why experienced players prefer live. Ball wear and pitch significantly affect performance and overall outcome. According to statistics, in the first innings, more than 400 points are usually scored, and after 5-6 the effectiveness drops to 150-200 runs.
  2. Climatic factor. If it rains, then the game is definitely stopped. Therefore, it is recommended to check the weather forecast for the coming days. The weather is especially important for long test matches. If bad weather is expected, then the money can simply “hang” for an indefinite time. The length of daylight is also important, since meetings are not held at night.
  3. Venue factor. In this case, the moment is not so important – whether the home team is the team or the guest. Two factors play a role here – the characteristics of the pitch itself, especially the pitch arrangement (earthen or turf) and the team’s ability to play in certain types of stadiums. So, some teams play more successfully away, for example, the national team of Australia.
  4. Physical and psychological preparation of players. This factor is important from the point of view that substitutions are practically prohibited in cricket. A substitute player cannot be a bowler or batsman. If a bettor places bets in cricket on the statistics of a player, you need to be aware of his possibilities to play on different fields and his current sports form.
  5. Test matches involve a rich list in live, which allows the bettor to bet on several events during the game and analyze it via video broadcast.

It is profitable to bet on cricket online, because it offers good rates and often valuable situations arise. Bookmakers keep a small margin because there are not many people willing to bet on cricket. The main recommendation for beginners is to watch more competitions. This game does not depend on the time of the year, at any time a match is taking place somewhere, which is very convenient for betters. You can choose any bookmaker in the cricket betting sites list above and make some bets.

Also, players often bet on long-term events in cricket.

Live cricket betting

More than 70% of cricket bets are made live, since it is very important for the bettor to observe the condition of the players and the results of the initial draw. According to the results of the draw, one of the teams has the right to be a striker (puts two batsmen), which, according to statistics, brings more chances of success. This is mainly due to the deterioration of the ball and the trampling of the pitch during the match. The fact is that the ball changes to a new one only after 80 overs, so it wears out and loses its properties.

Best cricket betting sites always have the possibility of live betting.

Live cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees

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5 Royal Panda Casino India 100% Up to ₹10,000T & C Apply Visit Review

All these live cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees are safe and reliable.

Cricket gambling sites: what to look for?

Online cricket bookie sites differ significantly. That’s what you should pai attention to when choosing one:

  • Reliability
  • Variety of line and length of painting
  • Margin
  • Currency and payment options: cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees are better, right?
  • Bonuses
  • Live betting section
  • Verification process and speed of payouts
  • Customer support


Cricket betting is an exciting form of leisure. With a reasonable approach, gaining skills, increasing knowledge about this game, as well as using strategies, the bettor can get a good win.

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