Mobikwik casino

What is MobiKwik?

Mobikwik is one of the most popular and largest payment apps in India. It was founded in 2009 by Mr. Bipin Preet Singh with Upasana Taku. Mobikwik aims to meet the unmet credit needs of fast-growing digital payment users by combining the convenience of everyday mobile payments with the benefits of BNPL. It includes bill payments, online shopping, e-commerce shopping, food delivery, and many more. You can also use this payment application to deposit to a casino, which we will discuss in this article. You will determine how to make a casino deposit with MobiKwik. Also, consider the advantages that allow it to be a top app.

Best Mobikwik casino sites

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Advantages of MobiKwik payments

There are many benefits of using Mobikwik Wallet. It helps you make online transactions convenient and secure. In addition, you get Mobikwik offers and coupons for using the app. You can follow the site to take advantage of Mobikwik special offers.

1. Allows you to track transactions.

Every successful transaction made with Mobikwik has a transaction ID. This way, you get detailed information about the transactions. It helps in resolving any discrepancies that arise due to technical issues.

2. Fast money transfer

You can easily send money to another Mobikwik wallet or bank account. You can also ask someone to send you money when you need it. It is a great way to help family members or friends when they need help. You can find out the status of sending or receiving money from you by visiting Pending Transaction. It is a benefit of using Mobikwik Wallet.

3. Online shopping

Shopping is another advantage of using the MobiKwik wallet. A lot of online shopping sites provide payments online via Mobikwik. It will help you save money on purchases, as you can get cashback. You can shop at Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and others.

4. Get cashback, instant discount, coupon

Topping up your cell phone account, paying for DTH services, and other payments through Mobikwik allow you to get Mobikwik discounts, cashback, and coupons. It can help you save a lot of money, especially if you’re making a transaction for a significant amount. You can also use coupons to shop at various e-commerce sites. The company introduces attractive Mobikwik offers from time to time. It is the most valuable benefit of using Mobikwik Wallet.

Mobikwik casino in IndiaHow to make a casino deposit with MobiKwik

Now, let’s talk about how to deposit money in a casino. If you have already found the right casino, then first register there and deposit your wallet on MobiKwik. You can do it with cash, credit card, debit card, or net banking.

Once you have funded your account in your wallet, you can move on to deposit into your account with MobiKwik casino.

1. Login into your account

2. Select the deposit tab on the site

3. Select or type the amount of money you want to deposit into your account

4. If the casino offers a bonus, take the bonus.

5. Select MobiKwik as your payment method

6. Choose any game and enjoy.

The money should arrive in your account within 10-15 minutes. If it doesn’t work, you can contact tech support for help.

Withdrawal is also easy through MobiKwik casino, just like a deposit. You choose Withdrawal and confirm the transaction. Although MobiKwik is fast, the casino requires 24-72 hours to process your application. Once the money arrives in your account, you can use it right in the app itself!

Alternative payment methods

There are also other alternatives that you can use to transfer money to your casino account, for example, UPI, Rupay, Net Banking, or even crypto.

Name of the payment Pros Cons
UPI Secure payment via a single PI, through which you can deposit money.

Easy to use, it is available 24/7, even on holidays.

Suitable only for small fund transfers. For a high amount of money, it is better to use another method.

Cannot work on slow internet.

Rupay Transactions are processed in the entire country, even in rural areas

Secure transactions thanks to SMS alerts, and notifications after transactions

You cannot use it for products from international websites.

Cash withdrawal is available only in the territory of India.

Net Banking  

Rapid transfers of the money


Lower fees for online transactions


You can deposit cheques online.

Requires strong internet connection. If it is disrupted, your ability to access can be affected.

Some banking features are limited until “wet-sign”.


A decentralization system makes it more secure and faster, even if something is crashed, the system will not collapse.


Does not require a third party, e.g. banks or a credit card company. The transfer is peer-to-peer.


Even if the blockchain system is secure, wallets and exchanges can be hacked.


Cryptocurrency can be volatilized from the market. Surges and crushes can affect the value of the currency.


For several years in a row, MobiKwik has proven to be one of the best fintech companies in India. Its wide functionality and continuous improvement make it an excellent payment tool not only for ordinary users but also for large organizations.

It is used for various purposes as its advantages make it comfortable and efficient to use. Also, you learned how to make a casino deposit with MobiKwik. This is very convenient because it provides fast and secure transactions.

MobiKwik casino FAQ

Q: Is my money safe in the MobiKwik wallet?
A: Your data and money are stored through several layers of high security, keeping you safe. Also, it’s worth mentioning SMS codes and notifications for fraud protection. Your money is safe.
Q: Can I use MobiKwik without a bank account?
A: No, it is necessary to perform a KYC before a transaction of money from the MobiKwik wallet to the bank, because user data is very essential for MobiKwik.
Q: Is it legal to use MobiKwik for a casino deposit?
A: Yes, absolutely legally. You can buy cryptocurrency such as bitcoin from MobiKwik Wallet itself and use those currencies to deposit into Crypto Casino. You can also make fiat money deposits to regular traditional online casinos. You can find the best offer and buy bitcoin and other currencies right now.

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