Brand new online casinos

The advantage of the brand new online casinos is obvious: great bonuses. To play for money is a tempting idea, but is it worth the risk? After all, a new casino is always a risk. So that you are not disappointed in your choice, we have prepared a selection of the best new online casinos of 2022.

The list of Brand new online casinos in Indian Rupees (INR) 2022

77 FS / ₹100 000 + 250 FST & C Apply

What to look for when choosing a new casino online

Creating a selection of casinos, we were guided by a large number of parameters. Some requirements are obvious, others come with experience. We will share my best practices on what to consider when choosing a new casino site. Briefly, these parameters can be listed as follows.

  • Casino Security
  • The quality of gaming software
  • Bonuses and promos
  • Terms of deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Interface and technical support
  • Players reviews

Now let’s take a short look at each of the parametras.

Casino Security

A guarantee of protection of the rights of gamblers is a casino license. It indicates that the site operates in the legal field and provides licensed slots. Another point: when choosing a licensed casino, you reserve the right to complain about its work to the authority that issued the license.

How to find out if a casino has a license? Very simple: look for the logo icon at the bottom of the page and click on it. If the system redirects you to the official website of the gambling commission (and more specifically, to the license page where the name of the site owner, website address and status of the permitting document are indicated), then you have chosen a casino with a license.

Game software quality

Licensed slots is another important stage of online casino selection. Original software meets the declared percentage of return. In other words: the original slot machines cannot be “tightened up” – the casino does not have the technical ability to influence their work. Such slots are downloaded from manufacturers’ servers, without cheating and juggling.

And if there is no license? So you play on fakes – copied slots that are completely controlled by the casino, with all the nuances that follow. You will win only when they allow you. The same applies to the size of the winnings.

How to find out if a casino has riginal slot machines? See which server it is loading from. If 3 slots of different manufacturers are loaded from one server, it means that you have fakes, or, as they are often called, script slots.

Note! Normal casinos offer demos for real money slot machines. This is done so that the gambler first can test the device, “get a hand”, build a strategy, and only then begin to bet with his own money. Even professionals do not disdain to play a demo when they want to try a new game product. If a casino site does not offer demo games, it is simply not interested in you as a regular customer. After all, starting playing with a slot machine for money, you will quickly drain the deposit.

Here we decided to add another parameter – the choice of slots. The more licensed slots, the greater the level of trust in the playground. How much is enough? From a few hundred to 1000+.

New bonus programs

The main advantage of registering in a brand new online casino is the opportunity to take advantage of new no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. Be sure to check how many free spins are credited to you and under what conditions you can withdraw your winnings. As a rule, the wager is very high. But to win and get your money is absolutely real. In our selection there are only those sites that offer honest conditions for wagering bonuses.

Deposit and withdrawal conditions

A normal establishment which is configured to increase traffic and maintain the loyalty of regular players, offers several ways to deposit and withdraw money: by credit card, electronic wallet, mobile payments and even cryptocurrency. The same goes for the size and timing of payments. Reliable online casinos transfer money to the card within 3 business days, and the amount of payment can be quite large. This is normal.

Another important point is verification. This is a document verification procedure that is necessary for proper payment security.

Interface and technical support

New online casino must support the user’s native language. It is necessary. After all, where it comes to money, there should be no room for doubt. This also includes a convenient interface that is easy to operate. This means: comfortable making decisions about the next bet.

Technical support is also important. Of course, we hope that you don’t have to contact it, but still sometimes situations arise in which help is urgently needed. Keyword: “urgently”, and not after 3 days.

Players reviews

The network has a lot of information that all the reviews are paid and can not be trusted. In fact, there are a lot of real reviews from experienced gamblers on the forums that help make the right decision. Do not be too lazy to devote to studying 30 minutes! You will learn a lot of useful information about the reputation of the site and finally make sure that there are no pitfalls in your chosen casino.

We want to note that today the game culture of gamblers is much higher than the level that was 5-10 years ago. And the requirements for choosing a site are much more stringent. Casinos are well aware of this. They know that before registering on a particular site, the player will analyze and choose the best option for themselves. Today, the availability of a license and operational technical support is a normal requirement. After all, the market is growing, and online casinos have to fight for their players, especially new online casinos.

Pros and cons of new casinos

In this block we will briefly summarize what was written about earlier. First about the benefits:

  • Bonuses for registration
  • Bonuses for replenishment of the deposit
  • Good reputation, which the site has not yet managed to spoil

Are there any disadvantages of the new online casinos? Yes, they are also available:

A year of work in the gambling business (even with good reviews) is not a guarantee that the site will not stop working after a couple of months. To some extent, by choosing a brand new online casino, you are always at risk.
I hope our selection will help you decide on the best new casinos. You now can decide whether to register on a new site or prefer an old familiar site.

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