Online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees

Did you know that cricket rivals football in popularity, and only slightly inferior to it? This national English sport is especially popular in the homeland, as well as in the former English colonies: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and others. Let’s talk about online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees.

There are a huge number of different cricket championships and leagues, all of them have their own characteristics and rules. In general, cricket ranks first in the world in the number of rules and their variety. Not only the rules of the game, but also the formats of tournaments, the number of participants, etc. can be different.

Online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees

online cricket betting sites in Indian RupeesThe basic theory of the game comes down to the fact that on the grass field two teams are opposing each other, consisting of 11 athletes each. Teams take turns bouncing the ball, trying to score points, and trying to prevent opponents from doing this. The game has no time limit. The basic principles of cricket resemble baseball. Here the key figures are the bowler (serving) and the batsman (batter).

Of course, in this article we will not describe all the rules of cricket. This will require a whole series of articles. Bettors who are interested in this sport can easily find information about cricket and its varieties on Wikipedia and other information sources. Our task is to talk about the basic principles of betting on this sport, to demonstrate that you can earn on cricket betting as good as on football, hockey, basketball and tennis betting.

Online cricket betting in Indian rupees is no more difficult than betting on other sports, especially since legal bookmakers offer wide lines in which everyone can find an event to their liking.

Types of Cricket Betting

In the lines of bookmakers, cricket is represented by a wide selection of bets. These are both primary and secondary outcomes. Depending on the prestige of the tournament, online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees can offer quite exotic bets. For example, which team will win the draw. This bet implies the choice of the team that will beat first. In general, cricket offers a standard type of bets for all sports:

  • Betting on the outcome
  • Handicap Betting
  • Total betting
  • Additional rates
  • Special rates

Obviously, there can be no draw in cricket, which greatly simplifies the task for bettors. Forecasting comes down to the fact that it is necessary to choose a winner from two teams. Another feature of this sport is that here the favorites lose very rarely. Therefore, if the line of the bookmaker is too small a coefficient for the victory of one of the teams, then you can safely take it to the express.

Outcome bets

In the line of legal online cricket betting sites, you can find a large selection of events for bets. We have already said that there are many different championships and leagues of this sport, each with its own format and its own rules. When choosing the winner of a match, bettors should take all this into account, since the advantage of their field in cricket plays a huge role.

Cricket is a sport where bets on the spot will not make a profit. It is necessary to be able to operate with large volumes of information, given every little thing. Even choosing the winner of a match will require a bettor to have knowledge of the lineups, the format of the tournament, and, of course, the weather forecast.

The celestial office makes its own adjustments to the game. The fact is that teams play under different weather conditions, adapting their style to them. That is why a change of weather during a match can be in the hands of one team, and can completely disrupt the opponent’s game. So, if you plan to bet on cricket, do not be lazy, and look at a specialized site to know exactly what weather is expected on the day of the match.

Handicap Betting

Depending on the format of the tournament, the bettor may be asked to play a head start on two positions simultaneously. For example, by the number of wickets knocked down and by the number of wounds. The number of wounds means the number of points scored by teams throughout the match. Similar offers can be found in the bookmaker 1stavka. Other bookmakers either refrain from such offers on the line, or may offer these bets independently of each other.

Total Betting

Here the offers of bookmakers can also be varied. The most common are bets on the number of points that teams will gain. In the line, you can also find offers for the individual number of points of each team, as well as for the number of points that teams will collect before the first wicket destroyed. When betting on totals, you must clearly understand the format of the tournament, as this will be crucial in calculating the total number of wounds, and only then choose a bookmaker from cricket betting sites list.

Additional bets

These types of bets include all offers that were not included in the base line of the bookmaker. An example of additional bets can be bets on a larger or smaller value of handicaps and totals, an accurate score and an even or odd match total. The last sentences can be classified as instinctive, since they are not influenced by any factors, and it is very difficult to find any system at such rates.

Special bets

Special cricket bets include the following:

  • The winner of the draw. We talked about this offer of bookmakers above. Here, bettors are invited to predict which of the teams will start to beat off in the match first. In fact, this proposal can be compared with a football bet: “Which team will start the match from the center of the field.”
  • The best player of the match. By analogy with other sports, bettors need to choose the player who will be the best after the meeting. More often than not, the winning team player deserves this title. Therefore, it is necessary to look closely at the leaders of the teams, evaluating their current form and motivation.
  • The best partnership. Similar to the previous sentence, bettors should determine the best bunch of players in the match. Each team has a bunch of athletes played, which brings the most points. This is a good offer, and for forecasting it is necessary to know well the statistics of teams and players.
  • The best bowler. Bettors are invited to determine the best server in the match.
  • The best batsman. Bettors are invited to determine the best batter in the match.
  • Long term rates. These include bets on the winner of the tournament, or a comparison of teams following the results of the tournament.

Strategies of cricket betting online

Given the national characteristics of cricket, we can say that this sport is of interest to professional bettors. Here, the line moves not only under the influence of any specific factors, but also at the expense of the fans. A huge audience of fans in the UK, Australia, India, Pakistan and other countries moves the line at the expense of betting on their favorite team. Therefore, often the odds in the line of bookmakers do not reflect the essence of what is happening on the site.

We have already said that betting on cricket must be done, starting not only from a complete understanding of this sport, but also when operating with large amounts of information. You need to know everything about the teams participating in the match, as well as related factors: weather and climate conditions.

Cricket is great for live betting. One of the features of this sport is the unhurried development of events. That is, already having certain information on hand, the bettor can watch the match for some time, assess the risks, the likelihood of changes in weather conditions, etc., and only then can risk his money. This allows you to get some advantage over the bookmakers. Moreover, almost all legal bookmakers offer live bets on large cricket tournaments.

Playing corridors in cricket is almost impossible, but forks can be found. Of course, it will be much more difficult to do this, compared to other sports, but still, bookmakers do not always have time to properly respond to the large volume of bets on one of the teams, so bettors have a chance to get guaranteed profit by betting on winning one and another team in one match.

Speaking of loads. Cricket is one of the sports disciplines where contractual matches most often occur. Messages about them regularly appear on the network. Therefore, if one of the teams went on explicit loading, without any obvious reasons: all the players in the ranks, the atmosphere in the team is quite friendly, there are no sudden changes in climatic and weather conditions, etc., then we can say with confidence that the match is contractual. And, if you do not have information in advance, it is better to refuse betting on this game. Although, as professional bettors say: “If the line is moving, follow it.” At a distance, this will bring a guaranteed plus.


Cricket is the most popular sport in India and online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees are what many bettors are looking for. Despite the fact that cricket rules are incredibly complex and have a lot of features, we recommend that you understand them.

Perhaps, this sport will seem tedious to someone, as the format of the match may change due to weather conditions, and the rules of the tournament are not clearly spelled out in the rules. But, the volume of cricket bets is growing every year, and this means that while you are considering whether to join this sport or not, other bettors have already mastered the rules and are making a lot of money. So, do not miss your chance and take a look at our cricket betting sites list above! Also check out the best sports betting sites in India.

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