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Blackjack occupies a strong position among the most popular and interesting casino games. The reasons are obvious: simple rules, fast games, an opportunity to win not only thanks to luck, but also with the help of the right strategy. Here we will talk about rules of this game, strategies and the best casino sites to play online blackjack in India.

Blackjack history

The exact origin of blackjack is unknown. Back in 1440 in Italy there was a card game Trentuno (“Thirty-one”). The rules were similar, only to win it was required to score 10 points more than now. Closer to the modern French version of the XVII-XVIII centuries – Vingt et Un (“Twenty and one”).

Although the game has been known for several centuries, it owes its popularity to American immigrants. At the beginning of the 20th century, immigrants from Europe brought blackjack to the United States. It was there that the game first appeared in the casino and got its name when the owners of gambling establishments introduced bonuses for the combination of ace and jack of spades (black – Black).

At first, the game did not generate a stir among the visitors. But in the 50s and 60s, the first mathematical foundations and calculation methods were developed, so they began to show much more interest in it. In the 21st century, when casinos spread on the Internet, it became possible to play blackjack online and for free.

Blackjack rules

Participants play against the dealer, the goal is to score more points than the dealer’s without exceeding the limit of 21. The players’ scores are not compared, for example, if the dealer has bust, then everyone who has less than 22 wins. Bets are accepted while the table is empty, after it is forbidden to touch the chips.

The distribution uses from 1 to 8 decks of 52 (without jokers) cards. The players take turns getting 2 of them face up, the dealer gets 1 face up and 1 face down (in the American version). In the European version, the dealer initially has one card, the second is dealt after the participants have finished the set.

When the original combinations are obtained, the choice is given – to stay with their own or to take more. In the second case, two options are usually available – take any number of cards up to 21, or receive only one, doubling the bet.

22 points or more – a loss regardless of the dealer’s score. In some versions, before the start of the set, you can surrender: the player refuses to participate and receives 50% of the bet amount back.

Initially, hands can have from 2 to 21 points. Depending on the current account, the strategy changes:

  • Up to 16 points – take more (Hit).
  • 17-18 (when there is an ace and it counts as 11) – continue dealing.
  • Over 17 points (if there is no ace or it is estimated at 1) – pass (Stand).
  • 19 and more (regardless of the combination) – stop.
    In more complex systems, the dealer’s card is also taken into account. The latter acts according to the rules of the institution – the dealer usually stops at 17 points.

If a pair falls out (for example, a ten and a queen), you can split (Split) – divide the combination into two hands and dial for each separately. The number of bet chips must also be doubled.

It is necessary to keep score during the game. The values ​​are the same for all varieties of the game.

Card Meaning
2 to 10 Accordingly
Jack to King 10
Ace 11 / 1

It is not very difficult to calculate which combination is better – ace with ten, jack, queen or king. Such combinations are called blackjack:

  • If the player has it, the payout rises – 3: 2 instead of the usual 1: 1.
  • When the dealer rolls 21, he wins.
  • If the player’s and the dealer’s blackjack is a draw: the chips are returned or the money is taken by the house.

Versions with modified conditions are available in both real and in online blackjack in India. Changes can be related to payout ratios, distribution order, or be more radical. You can play blackjack for free according to special rules on the Internet, where non-standard versions are more common than in offline establishments. Examples:

  • Play two hands with the ability to exchange (Switch).
  • For half the bet amount, replace the second card.
  • Bonuses for additional conditions: winning combination of the same suit, special combinations (777, 678).

Casinos can offer two types of bets:

  1. The main one. Available in any variation. You can only bet on your own winnings. You cannot make a bet on the victory of a dealer or another participant. Some establishments allow you to play multiple hands with separate bets.
  2. Additional (side, special) bets. Not always available. A bet is made on special conditions of the distribution, for example, on the loss of a pair, of the same suit or the number of points is less than 13.

Unlike many casino games, here not only luck matters, but also basic strategies based on mathematical theory:

  • The highest drop rate is 10 points. This should be taken into account both when typing and when analyzing the dealer’s combination. So, in a number of establishments, if the dealer has an ace open, because of the high probability of winning, the casinos offer an insurance bet. It is half the size of the main one and is paid doubled.
  • Other people’s combinations are visible to everyone. The probability of a particular denomination falling out can be estimated. Example: If there are three fives on the table and no nines, the chance of getting 9 points is higher than 5.
  • In land-based gambling establishments, the decks are shuffled after several games (shuffle). If you keep track of which cards came out, you can predict the outcome, but the casino is struggling with this technique.
  • In addition, professionals do not recommend taking insurance. The probability of its payment is 4/13, which is about 31%. Therefore, it is much more likely that the insured participant will simply lose the chips.

Basic terms and concepts in blackjack

Learning the rules is not enough before you start playing. It is also worth learning the basic terminology. Without this, it will be difficult for a beginner to understand the conditions of a particular casino, monitor the course of the game and choose the right actions. The table contains terms that are often used in online blackjack in India and anythere else in the world.

  • Hit / Draw – Get a card
  • Stand – Stay with the current combination
  • Double – Double your chips, take one card
  • Split – Split a couple
  • Surrender – Refuse to play, take half of the wagered amount
  • Bus t – Score more than 21 points
  • Insurance – A bet that can be made if the dealer initially has an ace
  • Push – Draw
  • Tie – Another notation for equal counting
  • Deal – Start the distribution
  • Shoe – Deck set
  • Shuffle – Games between two shuffles
  • Hand – Participant combination
  • Soft hand – The player has an ace with a face value of 11
  • Hard hand – There is no ace or it costs 1 point

Two types of blackjack

Classic Blackjack

American Blackjack is a variation of the classic game, according to the rules of which you need to make a winning combination of “21 points” from just two cards to win. The players immediately receive two cards, while the dealer gives himself one face up. Participants can stop playing and deal cards at any time. The dealer does not have the right to draw more cards, provided that he already has 17 points.

It is also possible to make a “Double Down” (doubling the rate) using any hand. Unlike the European version, players who choose the American version of blackjack can perform much more game maneuvers.

European Blackjack

For cards in European blackjack, the same denominations apply as in the classic game. The Blackjack combination is the highest and can beat any combination of cards automatically.

The main differences of this variation are:

  • the ability to play the game using two decks of cards at once (each with 52 sheets);
  • a chance to save part of your bet, provided that the gamer decides to stop playing;
  • the ability to play with 8 decks;
  • the right to double the bet or “Double Down” if the player has 9, 10 or 11 points in his hand;
  • the possibility for the dealer to draw cards if he has 17 points (an ace is available).

How to make money with online blackjack in India

To break the bank by playing blackjack, gamers should follow several effective tips:

  • Learn the basic strategy of playing blackjack (it is based on a mathematical approach, with which you can reduce the risk of losing);
  • Choose a suitable type of game for money and make sure that the process proceeds with a reduced casino advantage;
  • Control your bankroll. This is the main condition that allows you not only to manage your money, but also to remain among the profitable players.

Only a thoughtful study of the rules and a reasonable approach to the gameplay will allow the gambler to win.

Where to play blackjack online in India

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games so all gambling sites have it in their game collection. Go ahead to and chack the best online casinos in Indian Rupees and choose the one that suits your taste best.